Grant Funding

The Seattle Bicycle Music Festival would not have been possible this year without funding from the City of Seattle’s smArt Ventures Grant, which has helped greatly to offset many expenses. If you’re at all interested in making a project like this happen, or even if you want to work on another large-scale community art project, you should look into this grant!

Also, starting next week, I will be taking a grant writing class. I’m hoping to be able to apply for some other grants that will help us make the Seattle Bicycle Music Festival even bigger and better next year!


Got Photos?

It was such a great event, and a beautiful day for the event! I can’t thank everyone enough for coming out and making the day a huge success!!!

I saw a lot of cameras out at SBMF on Saturday! If you have photos that you want to share, please add the links in comments. And if you post to Flickr, please tag the photos “SBMF2010”. It will help tremendously to keep things together.

UPDATE: Here’s a video filmed by Tom of Seattle Bike Blog during No Rey‘s performance. He shot it while he was powering the pedal-powered generator, so it’s a little shaky. But it gives a good feel for what it was like to participate fully in generating the great music!

Building the Music Festival

We’ve been hard at work, building the Bike Bar, which is the bicycle-operated sound stage. It’s going to be a fold-able trailer, that we can hook five bicycles up to and power the sound system.

Here’s a shot of Jon welding, with Dan working in the background:

And Joe, cutting metal tubing:

I can’t thank these guys enough for their time and energy they’ve poured into building this equipment. They’re pretty amazing!

For more photos of the construction and past activities with SBMF, check out the Flickr set.

More Volunteer Opportunities!

The time is nigh. We have a lot to do still, and we’re making all the final adjustments and getting things together. Our crack team of engineers – Joe, Jon, and Dan – have been busy building a pedal-powered stage, all by hand. It is quite impressive, actually. DJ Ryan’s pulled out the stops with his sound system and has helped purchase some essential components. Miriam’s been right there, helping with all the administrative stuff we have to do and basically acting as my right-hand woman. It’s a great team that we have working together. But there’s still more to do!

We’re going to meet every night this week after work (5:00pm until 9:30pm) to put some finishing touches on the pedal-powered stage. But what we REALLY need help with is painting signs. I have a bunch of cardboard and some paints, so if you want to come out and help decorate some fabulous signs and create a banner to hang behind the bands, that would be awesome! All you need is some old clothes you don’t mind getting paint on and a little creativity.

We’ll be meeting at Jon’s house: 2336 N 63rd St., Seattle, WA 98103

Call Sylvie with questions: 619-861-7011


Art by Eric Shalit,

We’re still looking for a few great volunteers! If you have any interest in helping build the system, or decorate signs, or post fliers around town, or gather materials, come participate in our weekly parties meetings! We (usually) get a lot done, and I try to provide some bribes in the form of tasty treats, cold beverages, etc.

The engineering meetings happen every Monday, 6-8pm (you’re welcome to stay later though). They will usually take place on Capitol Hill, unless we need to go to a location with more tools and welding capabilities. In that case, we’ll send out updates and let you know where the meeting will be held.

Depending on the number of volunteers we have and the amount of work that needs to get done, we might have an additional meeting night to make signs, deliver fliers to local bike shops, pick up supplies, and take care of organizational tasks. But don’t let that scare you off, we’ll make sure you enjoy yourself and get well fed & beveraged.

Contact Sylvie at if you’re interested in helping out!

Rain, Rain

My friend Nouella Johnston is in this amazing band, People Eating People. I met her riding bikes, of course! The band just put out this awesome video for a new song, “Rain, Rain”.


Print your own posters and flyers

If you want to help spread the word about the Seattle Bicycle Music Festival click here to print you own 3″x5″ flyers

Graphic designer Molly  McLeod has donated her time and skills to create a bomb diggity poster; click here to print your own