Following is a list of stuff that would be AWESOME to have (or borrow) for the festival.  Got something? Lemme know! I’ll cross it off and give you crazy mad props.

  • 10 (preferably identical) skateboard trucks and wheels – ASAP!!!!!!
  • Spray Paint
  • Staple gun & staples
  • White board
  • White board markers
  • speakers
  • amps
  • microphone
  • sound mixer board thingy
  • lights
  • speaker stands
  • bullhorn
  • colored paper
  • free printing for fliers / posters / banners / etc
  • cool silk screen image
  • silk screen supplies
  • t-shirts / stickers / posters to silk screen and distribute throughout the community
  • tape: clear, duct, masking
  • storage / transport boxes
  • old coffee canisters for donations, decorated

Monetary donations here!


4 Responses

  1. I have a staple gun and lots of staples that I’d gladly donate (haven’t needed it for SeattleLikesBikes recently).

    I also have some rolls of tape that I’d be happy to donate.

    Would collapsable fold-up banker boxes work for your storage/transport boxes or are you looking for something more waterproof?

    • Wonderful! Thank you, Michael! I can return the staple gun at the end of the summer when we’re done with this whole project for the year…

      Are the banker boxes cardboard? They might come in handy for now, but yes, I would like to use waterproof storage/transport boxes eventually. But at the moment, they’re better than nothing!

  2. I have a white board and markers that I can give you.

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