Ramping it up!

So I’ve found a band to play our first event! The band is called The Ride, such a perfect name for our event. They’re really good… check ’em out! Details for the bike race are coming together nicely, now I just need to find a venue to hold the after-party! Any ideas? I’ve got a few in mind, just gotta get them nailed down.

I spoke to David Mozer yesterday, of ibike.org, which is our umbrella organization. David has kindly offered to use ibike.org to act as the Seattle Bicycle Music Festival’s funding agent. I’m really excited about this, and we spent about an hour yesterday talking about fundraising ideas and how this will all work. I think it was probably the first time in my life I was actually excited about talking finances! I see so many possibilities here for something to be really spectacular, can’t wait to get it running!

One slightly annoying thing, someone flagged my craigslist ad looking for graphic designers for removal! Wahtevs. I just wanted to pass out fliers at the Seattle Green Festival & the Punk Rock Flea Market tomorrow… A couple friends have said they’d help, and worse comes to worse, I’ll draw something by hand and photo-copy it, all old-school-like. Who needs photoshop anyway?

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