Grant Funding

The Seattle Bicycle Music Festival would not have been possible this year without funding from the City of Seattle’s smArt Ventures Grant, which has helped greatly to offset many expenses. If you’re at all interested in making a project like this happen, or even if you want to work on another large-scale community art project, you should look into this grant!

Also, starting next week, I will be taking a grant writing class. I’m hoping to be able to apply for some other grants that will help us make the Seattle Bicycle Music Festival even bigger and better next year!


May Day! May Day! Musician Down!

I just received word that one of our musicians might not be able to make it to her scheduled time slot (10:15 – 11:15am). Rather than risk having a giant hole in the music that day, I’m looking for a band who might want to fill that slot.

Do you know of a band that would want to play in the morning at Ballard? If so, get them my contact info ASAP!


UPDATE:  We found a singer/songwriter! Yay! Thanks, Ethan Perry!

Ramping it up!

So I’ve found a band to play our first event! The band is called The Ride, such a perfect name for our event. They’re really good… check ’em out! Details for the bike race are coming together nicely, now I just need to find a venue to hold the after-party! Any ideas? I’ve got a few in mind, just gotta get them nailed down.

I spoke to David Mozer yesterday, of, which is our umbrella organization. David has kindly offered to use to act as the Seattle Bicycle Music Festival’s funding agent. I’m really excited about this, and we spent about an hour yesterday talking about fundraising ideas and how this will all work. I think it was probably the first time in my life I was actually excited about talking finances! I see so many possibilities here for something to be really spectacular, can’t wait to get it running!

One slightly annoying thing, someone flagged my craigslist ad looking for graphic designers for removal! Wahtevs. I just wanted to pass out fliers at the Seattle Green Festival & the Punk Rock Flea Market tomorrow… A couple friends have said they’d help, and worse comes to worse, I’ll draw something by hand and photo-copy it, all old-school-like. Who needs photoshop anyway?

Seeking Funding – Volunteer Park Reservation

The great thing about being under-employed is that I can spend all day working on stuff for the Seattle Bicycle Music Festival. The thing that sucks about being underemployed is being constantly broke.

Today I wanted to fill out the application with the Seattle Department of Parks & Recreation so we can reserve the Volunteer Park stage on August 14. I went to the web page and downloaded the application pdf, then I saw that reserving a spot in the park is not free. It costs $75 to apply, then it’s an additional $10/hour and $55 for electrical hookup (which we’ll need since we’re not pedal-powered yet), for a grand estimated total of $210. I’d like to reserve the spot for the entire afternoon, say noon to 6pm or 8pm, but I don’t have the money to do that right now. Even if you want can only donate a small portion to get Volunteer Park secure, it would be super awesome!

If you are able to help fund the Seattle Parks application process, I can either reimburse you directly with some of the funds once we start making money at the fundraisers, or you can use it as a tax write-off. I can provide you with a receipt and the 501(c)(3) number of our umbrella organization. And of course you’ll be reimbursed with lots of hugs and wonderful music! And maybe a beer or 2…

Are you inspired to donate yet? We have a PayPal account set up for your donating convenience!