More Volunteer Opportunities!

The time is nigh. We have a lot to do still, and we’re making all the final adjustments and getting things together. Our crack team of engineers – Joe, Jon, and Dan – have been busy building a pedal-powered stage, all by hand. It is quite impressive, actually. DJ Ryan’s pulled out the stops with his sound system and has helped purchase some essential components. Miriam’s been right there, helping with all the administrative stuff we have to do and basically acting as my right-hand woman. It’s a great team that we have working together. But there’s still more to do!

We’re going to meet every night this week after work (5:00pm until 9:30pm) to put some finishing touches on the pedal-powered stage. But what we REALLY need help with is painting signs. I have a bunch of cardboard and some paints, so if you want to come out and help decorate some fabulous signs and create a banner to hang behind the bands, that would be awesome! All you need is some old clothes you don’t mind getting paint on and a little creativity.

We’ll be meeting at Jon’s house: 2336 N 63rd St., Seattle, WA 98103

Call Sylvie with questions: 619-861-7011

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