Rain, Rain

My friend Nouella Johnston is in this amazing band, People Eating People. I met her riding bikes, of course! The band just put out this awesome video for a new song, “Rain, Rain”.


5 Responses

  1. That’s an amazing band, singer, song, and animation!! I’m now a fan and plan to post to my site since it has a bicycle in it.

    Will they perform at BMF?

    • Unfortunately, no. She was one of the first people I asked to sing, but she’s performing at Bumbershoot the previous weekend. She said that the directors of Bumbershoot made her sign a contract where she is not able to perform for a month anywhere else before or after. Anyway, she’s awesome and definitely deserves to be heard.

  2. Doesn’t that seem fascistic? Bumbershoot Fascism?

    People have performed under pseudonyms to get past that kind of thing.

    One of my favorite records is ‘HANK WILSON’S BACK’. It’s Leon Russell & Friends.

    I hope you’ll ask her again. Now my 2 sons are fans.

  3. I did ask her to play under a different name, but it didn’t work out. The schedule’s full already, too. (I have one time slot to fill, but there are 2 different bands who want to play and I need to decide. Argh!)

  4. Love the video. Totally Seattle…

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