SBMF Bands: Orkestar Zirkonium

OK, this band is nothing but incredible. Balkan-inspired drum and brass marching band? Yes, please!

Check ’em out:

Look at this CRAZY ENERGY!


SBMF Bands: Manigua

This band is amazing. My friend and I saw them last month at First Thursday’s Art Walk, and they had the whole place jumping. Seriously, they knocked our socks off!

Check out this video shot of them at Chop Suey a couple weeks ago:

May Day! May Day! Musician Down!

I just received word that one of our musicians might not be able to make it to her scheduled time slot (10:15 – 11:15am). Rather than risk having a giant hole in the music that day, I’m looking for a band who might want to fill that slot.

Do you know of a band that would want to play in the morning at Ballard? If so, get them my contact info ASAP!


UPDATE:  We found a singer/songwriter! Yay! Thanks, Ethan Perry!


Art by Eric Shalit,

We’re still looking for a few great volunteers! If you have any interest in helping build the system, or decorate signs, or post fliers around town, or gather materials, come participate in our weekly parties meetings! We (usually) get a lot done, and I try to provide some bribes in the form of tasty treats, cold beverages, etc.

The engineering meetings happen every Monday, 6-8pm (you’re welcome to stay later though). They will usually take place on Capitol Hill, unless we need to go to a location with more tools and welding capabilities. In that case, we’ll send out updates and let you know where the meeting will be held.

Depending on the number of volunteers we have and the amount of work that needs to get done, we might have an additional meeting night to make signs, deliver fliers to local bike shops, pick up supplies, and take care of organizational tasks. But don’t let that scare you off, we’ll make sure you enjoy yourself and get well fed & beveraged.

Contact Sylvie at if you’re interested in helping out!

Rain, Rain

My friend Nouella Johnston is in this amazing band, People Eating People. I met her riding bikes, of course! The band just put out this awesome video for a new song, “Rain, Rain”.


Getting Bands Lined Up!!!

We’ve got some really great bands lined up for your listening enjoyment. Orkestar Zirkonium, No Rey, and A Raging Forest, to name a few. We’ll post a full line-up soon! We’ve been busy, going out to check out bands. It’s SO HARD, listening to all this great music! Actually, the hard part is choosing among all the people who want to play at the festival. There are some really awesome musicians, the hard part is trying to fit them all in!

SF Bicycle Music Festival

The San Francisco Bicycle Music Festival took place last weekend — it looks like they had a total BLAST! For a little inspiration, here’s a link to what they did down in the City by the Bay last weekend. Check it out!

We have 5 weeks until our own Bicycle Music Festival, and we’re rapidly approaching our event! We’re scheduling bands and venues, applying to grants, and looking for fiscal sponsorships. So things are coming along smoothly, and people are getting super excited about the Seattle Bicycle Music Festival!

More updates SOON!