We’re Baaaaaack!

And it’s time start planning this year’s SBMF. We’re looking at a date in early July for the event; we’ll post as soon as we come up with a solid date.

In the meantime, we’re seeking new volunteers to help organize and promote, and fundraise for the event. Do you want to help? Here’s a list of things that need to be done ASAP:

  1. Musicians! We need bands to play. Are you in a band? Everyone is Seattle knows someone in a band — help spread the word that we’re seeking brilliant musicians again this year!
  2. Kickstarter / fundraising. We need money to make some necessary upgrades to the sound system, buy ads, etc.
  3. Publicity – We need fliers and posters again this year. And a blogger… We should really publicize the event as much as possible – get the media to run stories, post fliers around town, maybe create some random bike/music guerrillla art to help boost interest.
    • We could use a good press kit – if you have experience creating these, that would be awesome.
    • build a street team – people who can go out around town and plaster fliers / posters / art everywhere.
  4. Sound:
    • The sound equipment we had last year was on loan and is now back in LA. Do you have a PA or access to sound equipment we could use? We need mic stands, monitors, everything and anything to help improve the sound. Got contacts or suggestions? Send ’em our way.
    • Also, we need a great sound engineer person. Can you donate your time or expertise? Got any connections?
    • We need to improve the generator – it was too noisy last year, and it was kind of an inefficient system. If you have any ideas about upgrading the system, or know anything about electronics or engineering, that would be great.
  5. Permits and venues – I have a great contact at the City of Seattle Parks Dept, but I need help just coordinating some of the other stuff. Also, finding locations for shows is pretty essential.
  6. Mechanical engineering – are you a mechanical genius? Like working with your hands? Welding? Yep, we need help there, too.
  7. Community support – get people excited about the music festival, contact as many people as we can and try to increase awareness. Brainstorm organizations that might be interested in supporting our mission – CBC, Alleycat Acres, WA Bike Alliance, Bike Works, The Bikery, Vera Project, Seattle Feet First, Seattle Public Utilities, various neighborhood groups and events, etc.
  8. Gathering donations / grant writer – if you can garner donations (both cash and in-kind) from local businesses, that would be wonderful. We received many generous donations from local businesses last year; if we can match or exceed that, it would be amazing. I have a huge list of companies and organizations to contact, that either helped us or had potential to help last year, but I just don’t have the time to send out requests.
  9. Any other ideas? Suggestions are always welcome!

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