A Word of Thanks

Many people from throughout the community came together to make SBMF an incredible event. I’d like to take a minute to give a shout-out to all our sponsors who helped make SBMF a huge success! Please support their businesses as you go about your bicycling activities:

  • Aaron’s Bike Repair – In addition to procuring most of the awesome raffle prizes, Aaron and his partner Padme (who also happens to be last year’s SBMF coordinator!) spent the entire day at the music festival. Aaron brought his tool kit with him and not only acted as Bike First Aid, but he also helped fix the system when the system was down.
  • 20/20 Cycles – And speaking of awesome raffle prizes, Alex from 20/20 hand-picked a whole heap of prizes from the shop. We gave away those prizes at the Rawk & Roll Alleycat at the beginning of the summer, and he also provided us with a couple of lights for the back of Haulin’ Colin’s trailers.
  • Haulin’ Colin Trailers – I can safely say that the SBMF would not have happened without the use of these trailers. Not only did we use them on the day of the event, they were invaluable in making the necessary preparations prior to the event. I actually hauled 300lbs. of sound equipment from Capitol Hill to Wallingford one day! It was the slowest I’ve ever ridden, but hauling 300 pounds on the back of a bike is no small feat. Definitely wouldn’t have happened without the trailer though!
  • Recycled Cycles – Recycled Cycles donated $100 in gift cards, which we raffled away at the Alleycat Race and at the event on Sept 11th. Sweet!
  • Babeland – Babeland gave us a couple of gift bags that we also used for the raffles. They made some people very happy at the end of the day, I’m sure!
  • Mobius Cycles – Niki allowed us to use her shop as a starting point for the Rawk & Roll Alleycat. It was awesome and made for a great meeting point! If you haven’t been to her shop, you must visit – there are lots of beautiful bicycles all over the place, and she also has billiards and fooz ball tables set up. There are also a couple of artists’ studios in the loft, making this an incredible multi-use space.
  • Wright Brothers Cycle Works – Charles, the owner of Wright Brothers, was super accommodating, donating lots of prizes that we used for the Rawk & Roll Alleycat, and allowing his shop to be one of the stops in the scavenger hunt. Not only that, but that man knows his wheels and chain rings! There was one day where I had bent one of my front chain rings horribly; I limped from Golden Gardens to his shop thinking I’d have to shell out at least $50 for a new front chain ring, but he happily bent it back into place like it was butter. Magic!
  • The City of Seattle – While not an “official” sponsor, they were a huge help in planning this event, specifically Randy Wiger, who was an absolute god-send. Seriously, this guy attended our planning meetings, gave advice and council, and even helped us wave several of the normal park fees, since we’re a non-profit that was utilizing under-used parks. Randy would say he was just doing his job, but I would say he helped make SBMF a HUGE success! Seriously, that guy is awesome!
  • smART Ventures Seattle – I know I mentioned this in the previous post, but smART Ventures gave us a grant for $1000 to help pull off SBMF. Super awesome! If you’re looking to do anything art-related in the city, definitely look into applying for grant funding. They were also really helpful in the whole grant-writing process.

And of course, thanks to all the super rad volunteers who gave up their evenings and weekends to plan and build SBMF from scratch! Holy cow, this could never have happened without y’all!

And of course all the musicians, who came out and enthusiastically donated their time and art so we could have a fabulous event. I hope that you will support them in the future and go to more of their shows! I know I will!

And especially, thank you to everyone who attended SBMF this year, whether it was just for a few minutes or for the entire day. SBMF is about community, and community made it happen. Keep an eye out — we’re going to keep doing events all year long!


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