Precious Bike

I’m generally pretty dubious about bike computers. I had one on Pedro, but then it broke and I’ve never bothered fixing or replacing it. When I first started riding, I was always really excited to know how far and how fast I was going; now I just enjoy the ride and calculate my speed by figuring out how long it takes me to get from point A to B to C, etc.

BUT! Precious is different! Precious can talk and tell you what he’s experiencing. From the website:

“Precious’s brain is an on-board device that captures all of his experiences, combined with a cloud-based system that analyzes those experiences. Put this all together and get a bike that’s able to express itself in his own words. He shares his up-to-the-moment thoughts and has a subconscious which allows him to dream about all he’s been through. Take a peek into how his brain functions below…”

It’s pretty amazing. And the great thing is that Precious is doing this as a benefit for Livestrong.

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