Decisions and Date Set

On Wednesday, a couple of us met with Randy Wiger of Seattle Parks and Recreation. Randy is a fabulous source of knowledge and is going to be a great resource for us. After much discussion, we decided to focus our energies on applying for grants and publicizing the event, instead of holding more fundraisers. It will be better, because now we can focus on the needs at hand and channel our energies more efficiently.

So the date for the Seattle Bicycle Music Festival is Saturday, September 11.

The date is somewhat arbitrary; we chose it because it is the first weekend after Labor Day (which already has too many events). So mark your calendars, kids! The Seattle Bicycle Music Festival is coming soon!!!

2 Responses

  1. My calendar says 9/11 is “Patriot Day.” Maybe that is an angle to exploit.

    I remember Seattle’s first carfree day was held on 9/16/01–just 5 days after everything changed. There was a mass ride to remnants of previous night’s candlelight vigil at Gasworks Park. Being on a bicycle among kindred spirits felt like the just right thing to do and turned the tragedy around to a celebration of community.

    • The date doesn’t really have anything to do with Patriot Day or 9/11 or anything, it just happens to be the date that worked best. We don’t want to have the event on Memorial Day weekend (Bumbershoot, Burning Man, etc.), and Sept 18 is getting a little late in the month. We discussed and debated this date quite a bit, and it just works out best this way. We don’t want it to be political or anything, just a fun day out on bikes, listening to some music.

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