Welcome Summer! Or Not…

Summer, summer, wherefore art thou, summer? My calendar says “June” but I it feels like April. Oh well. Any day’s a good day to ride a bike, right?

Things are really progressing nicely for the Bicycle Music Festival though! A couple of weeks ago, I spoke to my neighbor Louie, who works for the City of Seattle Parks Department. He gave me the contact info for someone who schedules Seattle Park events. Anyway, long story short, I now have several more contacts and some very useful grant information. Turns out, the City of Seattle has some somewhat sketchy parks that they’re trying to bring back into community ownership, effectively reducing crime and bringing the community together. The City of Seattle Parks Department has several grant just for programs like the Seattle Bicycle Music Festival — programs that get people out of their homes and exercising outdoors, using sustainable energy, meeting their neighbors, and promoting appreciation of the arts. Since the Seattle Bicycle Music Festival essentially covers all these bases, we’re applicable for many of these grants. I’ll call again and find more details on Monday.

Speaking of summer, yesterday was the Fremont Solstice Parade! Didja go? See all those nekkid cyclists? I missed it this year. *Siiiigh* BUT! Several of the other volunteers and I attended the Seattle leg of the BikeSnobNYC BRA Tour. I brought cookies to bribe the Snob with, though I had to hide them in order to protect them from being ravaged by the masses. After he defaced my new book and a hat (which will be used as a prize for next week’s Rawk & Roll Alley Cat), a few of us took him on a little Tour de Seattle, in search of the Epic Burrito. Burritos acquired from Rancho Bravo, we rode on to Cal Anderson Park, where we consumed said burritos, some tasty beverages, and the last of the cookies. Yum!

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