Good day, good meeting

Today turned out to be a pretty great day for the Seattle Bicycle Music Festival. I was able to get around town and pick up a bunch of fabulous prizes for the Rawk & Roll Alley Cat race next weekend! I also attended the meetings with the band who’s playing the after-party and bunch of kick-ass volunteers.

(Coincidentally, I found out that the Seattle Rock & Roll Marathon is also that very day, though much earlier. By the time the marathon runners are peeling off their tennis shoes, we’ll be getting ready to hit the streets in search of clues about Seattle’s colorful music history)

So, after rolling around town collecting donations for the race, I headed over to Cafe Metropolitan to meet with Quyen, the owner of the restaurant. I’m really excited about using this space, because not only is it a great location, but Quyen and his staff are going above and beyond to make sure that we all have a great time at the after-party! I also met with Jeff from the band The Ride, who will be doing the music at the after-party. I think this is gonna be a great show!

After the meeting with Quyen and Jeff, the rest of the volunteers filtered in and we had a good, ol-fashioned chat session (with the help of some beer & nachos). We were able to bring out some really great ideas, and the level of enthusiasm is sky-rocketing! We’ve got a really awesome team together who are going to make this an incredible festival! (And just to plug, we’re always open to new volunteers! If you want to help out, come to a meeting or send me a message and we can find a place for you!)

OH! Also! Bike Snob is coming on Saturday for his book signing at University Bookstore at 2pm. A bunch of us are going down there to meet him and take him on a rolling tour of Seattle! What else could you do on a Saturday afternoon? Sure, there’s that, but how often can you get a chance to meet one of the funniest, snarkiest bike writers on teh internets? And if you timed it right, you could catch the parade (and nekkid riders!) and still get down to the University Bookstore in time for the book signing!

Yep, it’s been a good day, indeed. Now time for bed.

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