Busy and Productive Weekend

Wow, what a great weekend! I got up early both days and jumped into getting stuff together. I wrote up several donation request letters, visited a few businesses I’d like to work with, and made more copies of fliers to hand out.

Saturday, I spent a little time in Kinko’s, making copies. Bah. Not my favorite place to be, but I wanted to hand out some more fliers and talk to people about this project. Oh well. But after Kinko’s, I rode my bike down to the Belltown Underground for the semi-annual Punk Rock Flea Market. For anyone unfamiliar with the space, it’s a GREAT space for a party, and it is the place I REALLY want to book for the last stop of the Festival. Good thing I went there too, because not only did I pick up a pair of killer earrings, I was also able to speak to the owner of Belltown Underground. Sooo, things are looking promising, which makes me extremely happy.

Then today (Sunday), I met up with my friend Ty, back at ye ol’ Kinko’s. We made some copies and printed out some donation request letters. After all that hard work, we were starving, so we went across the street to DeLuxe Bar & Grille on Broadway & Roy, where we met our friend Adam. I have to say, I’ve never been there before, but I was impressed! We spent some time chatting about the Bicycle Music Festival, then Ty and I rode down to Recycled Cycles. I’d forgotten that the Cascadia Crits were happening over at Recycled Cycles, so it was an awesome and inspiring surprise to see all these racers go speeding by! We handed out several fliers for the Bicycle Music Festival, and I was able to personally hand one of the owners of Recycled Cycles a donation request letter. We spoke for a little while, and he definitely seemed interested in helping out the cause! I’ll be folowing up this week.

On out way to go hand out more donation request forms, Ty and I got distracted by something shiny. This also was a very fortuitous stop, as I got some good advice on how to request donations. I’ll be following up on that this week, too!

Also, I’ve heard back from a donor! My friend Kayobi works with this company MonkeyLectric, and they do some AMAZING things with spoke lights! The website is cool, but the stuff in real life is too cool for words! They said that they will send some lights as raffle items, so I am really, really excited about that, too! And another thing that Dan (the owner of MonkeyLectric) sent me was a link to a great Instructables on how to make a small, battery-powered sound system. Now, this thing is really cool, and easy enough for just about anyone to make on their own without a big investment.

I hope y’all had a fabulous weekend too! Now, it is time for me to sleep.

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