Seeking Funding – Volunteer Park Reservation

The great thing about being under-employed is that I can spend all day working on stuff for the Seattle Bicycle Music Festival. The thing that sucks about being underemployed is being constantly broke.

Today I wanted to fill out the application with the Seattle Department of Parks & Recreation so we can reserve the Volunteer Park stage on August 14. I went to the web page and downloaded the application pdf, then I saw that reserving a spot in the park is not free. It costs $75 to apply, then it’s an additional $10/hour and $55 for electrical hookup (which we’ll need since we’re not pedal-powered yet), for a grand estimated total of $210. I’d like to reserve the spot for the entire afternoon, say noon to 6pm or 8pm, but I don’t have the money to do that right now. Even if you want can only donate a small portion to get Volunteer Park secure, it would be super awesome!

If you are able to help fund the Seattle Parks application process, I can either reimburse you directly with some of the funds once we start making money at the fundraisers, or you can use it as a tax write-off. I can provide you with a receipt and the 501(c)(3) number of our umbrella organization. And of course you’ll be reimbursed with lots of hugs and wonderful music! And maybe a beer or 2…

Are you inspired to donate yet? We have a PayPal account set up for your donating convenience!

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